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July Chat Post.

Since we are in the middle of the hiatus, and that normally means turning to fandom for our little fixes, I thought that we could have this months chat post on fanfiction.

And as a carry on from a conversation at the weekend - more intriguingly, what are your turn-ons and turn-offs? And this doesn't mean in a sexual way.

What is it that will make you more likely to click on a fic link? What ensures that you won't?
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Monthly chat post - June. Surviving Hiatus.

Assuming that the BBC is going to show the new season of Merlin *squee* in September, we are now over halfway through the long hiatus between S1 and S2.

So, this months chat post is on how to survive a hiatus.

How do you do that? Watch episodes? Turn to fandom? Turn to a new fandom? Let the squee die for a while before rekindling your love on TV? Fandom meetups?

So many possibilities... DISCUSS.
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Monthly chat!

Yes it's been a while. But let's kick this community back into action a little shall we?

I figured this month, we would speculate about season 2 since they're now filming.

Pointing out here, this is SPECULATION. Absolutely no spoilers (if there are even any spoilers released yet).

What would you like to see in S2? It can be realistic, hopeful, cracky, slashy, basically - if you were writing it, what would happen?

Personally... I'd like to see evil!Morgana get dressed up in leather by the BBC, but that might just be me. ;p
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Three recs for March

Night and Light and the Half Light by the_moonmoth
arthur/merlin | pre-slash; gen | PG | 13,000 | le morte d‘arthur
“Arthur doesn’t know,” Morgana said, too quickly, and for some reason Arthur felt as though the bottom had just dropped out of his stomach.

Arthur finds out type of story. It’s a very well written gen/pre-slash story told from Arthur’s POV.

Kings Don't Always Need Advice (And Particularly Not This Much) by mariamme
arthur/merlin. gwen/morgana. merlin/girl!lancelot | slash | au | nc-17 | 30,000+

This fic was written for reel_merlin and it’s basically a retelling of Princess Diaries 2. This time, it’s Merlin who is the Prince, Morgana is his grandmother and Lancelot is a girl. It’s very enjoyable read, even though that the characters are slightly OOC.

Two Weeks Notice by ras_elased
arthur/merlin | slash | au | nc-17 | 37,600
Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers.

Another fic written for reel_merlin. Even though it’s an modern!AU, Merlin and Arthur’s voices are spot-on and the whole story is very lovely.
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March Monthly Recs: All Porn, All the Time*

astolat 's Room 20 (Merlin/Arthur, 1,000 words exactly) is one short and devastating punch of a story with hot, desperate sex.

Wherein Merlin Wears a Dress and Arthur Buggers the Hell Out of Him (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 1,000 words) byifyouweremine  does pretty much what it says on the label and does it incredibly well.

In Fruition byspiny (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 7,000 words), Arthur is jealous and foolish almost to the point of disaster, but he makes it up to Merlin in a very nice way.

Obedience bybookshop (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 1,200 words) has one underpants-melting blowjob.  'Nuff said.

Keeping Up Appearances by yavannauk (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 500 words) is a short but scorching ficlet about Merlin being a *very* improper servant.

phantomjam  writes some of the best sex in the fandom, like the public display of affection in A Discussion on the Breeding and Training of Horses (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 1,000 words).

Speaking of blowjobs, the latest chapter in frantic_allonsy 's Be Resigned series (Merlin/Arthur, 12 out of 14 chapters completed) contains the incredibly hot culmination of months of yearning between Merlin and Arthur.

The Horse and His (Co-Star's) Boy (Colin/Bradley RPS, ~ 4,800 words) byspiny has one incredibly oblivious Bradley, one unfortunately named horse, and one scorching hot scene.

And finally, there's the porn smorgasboard in astolat 's Favorite (Merlin/Arthur, ~ 13,300 words), which is like one fantastic, long PWP, in the best sense of the term.


* All stories herein rated Adult and are definitely NOT safe for work.