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the round table

to take the oath of fealty

Merlin; The Round Table
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MERLIN; at the round table

because when oxoniensis says; You know what someone should do for me for the Merlin fandom? Set up a Merlin equivalent of spnroundtable, i say OKAY.

             ♥ week one: rec posts. (everyone to add their own recs; NO SELF-RECS).
             ♥ week one/two: workshops. i like the idea of fan!held workshops.
             ♥ week two: ask the author. an author each month will host a question and answer session. (also includes ask the artist and ask the vidder.)
             ♥ week three: chat. [to be handled by kip.]
             ♥ week four: themed recs.
             ♥ week four/five: book club.
             ♥ week five: [for when there is one]. picspam!posts :)

further details can be found on the introductory post. suggestions or questions are welcome there, or you can email thisissirius. [sissi.cakes@gmail.com]

we're keeping the rules simple, but the ones we have are important.

             .o1. while individual posters may have strong feelings for or against certain genres of MERLIN fanfic/art/vids, the community accepts them all, and isn't going to specially promote or denegrate any genre.
             .o2. no flaming. discussion is encouraged, and we won't always agree with one another in discussion, but keep it courteous and wankfree.
             .o3. no self-recs.
             .04. please cut-tag long posts, or graphic excerpts/comments.

the community mods are; thisissirius; siri. krazykipper; kip and oxoniensis; signe.

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